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CZ Auto Products Inc

Wheel Cleaner

Wheel Cleaner

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Surface preparation is the most important step in ensuring the longevity and durability of any final protection layer. Utilizing our proprietary smart surfactant technology, CoaterZ Tire & Wheel Cleaner quickly removes the toughest browning stains, road grime, grease, oil, brake dust, and even years of old silicone dressing buildup from your tires. 

CoaterZ Wheel Cleaner contains emulsifiers and deep cleaning surfactants that loosen and remove all foreign surface particles from rubber tires, immediately pulling out any embedded contamination and dressing buildup. It is safe for use on clear-coated wheels that may or may not contain a ceramic coating.


- CoaterZ  Wheel Cleaner utilizes smart surfactant technology to remove the toughest brown stains, contamination, road grime, and previously applied tire dressings.
- Body shop safe – 100% silicone-free.

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