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SiO2 Ceramic Boost

SiO2 Ceramic Boost

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CoaterZ® SiO2 Ceramic Boost is more than a 21st-century ‘quick detailing spray.’ Utilizing CoaterZ’s® true nano technology, SiO2 Ceramic Boost contains water-based polymeric cleaning agents that cling to light layers of dust and contaminants, removing them thoroughly. SiO2 Ceramic Boost adds a durable layer of significant hydrophobic and ‘self-cleaning’ properties along with additional gloss to vehicle exterior surfaces. This is by far the most sophisticated “detailer” on the market.

SiO2 Ceramic Boost is an ideal product to protect ALL coatings on the market from water spotting during the curing process. SHAKE WELL before and during use.


- A durable ‘spray sealant’ which doubles as a traditional quick detailing product.
- Use as stand-alone protection or to top ceramic-coated vehicles.
- An excellent spot cleaner or drying aid after washing vehicle surfaces.
- Safe for all vehicle exterior surfaces: paint, plastic, vinyl, rubber, etc.
- Completely water-based, SiO2 Ceramic Boost is body shop safe – silicone-free.
- Perfect final step product to protect all coatings from water spotting during curing.


- Durability: 3-6 months

**APPROVED SURFACES FOR APPLICATION ONLY: – DO NOT apply to unapproved surfaces**

- Clear-coated painted surfaces (see warranty terms and conditions for approved manufacturers & vehicle types)
- Black textured plastics
- Headlights & tail-lights
- Black piano trim
- Clear-coated painted wheel rims & calipers


- 500ml Bottle, or 5L Jerry can


1. Shake the bottle WELL before and during use.
2. Using a clean microfiber towel, apply SiO2 Ceramic Boost to the towel. Initially prime a new towel with 2-4 sprays.
3. For each section, apply 1-2 additional sprays to the towel. For this purpose, a section is considered to be about the size of half a door or a quarter of a hood.
4. Spread SiO2 Ceramic Boost evenly over the surface. The amount of product should be enough to evenly coat the area without oversaturation.
5. After applying, immediately wipe the area clear with another clean microfiber towel, or flip the towel to the dry side and gently wipe clear.

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